Rachel M. Davis

Rachel Davis

Rachel M. Davis, BSN, RN, MSRN, RNC-OB

Labor and Delivery
Kootenai Health
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
United States

I’m writing to thank you for the care that I received during my stay in Labor and Delivery as I had my son. Specifically, I want to thank Rachel Davis for her nursing care. As a fellow nurse, I am so thankful for all that Rachel did for my family during our stay. She laughed with me, encouraged me, and helped me make all the decisions necessary on that day. She played games with my family when we needed a distraction.

When considering whether or not to get an epidural, Rachel empowered me to make a decision that I was comfortable with and that made my birth experience just what I had what I’d hoped for. Most notably though, she stayed not just an extra 4 hours on her shift, but when 11pm came and went she told me that she wasn’t leaving until I had my baby, which meant she stayed until after 1am. She became a friend during those 18 hours, and she gave up an evening with her babies to help me welcome mine into the world. I know this sounds terribly cheesy, but I am so grateful for her and each time I look back on the birth she will be a part of that story. For these reasons, and for more that I can’t express, I think Rachel would make an excellent recipient of the DAISY Award.