Paul Barber

Paul Barber

Paul Barber, ASN, RN, RN-BC

UF Health - Shands
Gainesville, Florida
United States
Paul’s passion for this program has inspired several other members of our team to get involved.

Paul is always striving to enhance our professional practice environment by encouraging his peers to become board certified, pursue resource roles/growth opportunities, or become actively involved in our community. He has purchased several review books to lend out to nurses who have set a goal to become certified. He has also been a champion for the Profession Practice Recognition Program and has encouraged several of his co-workers to pursue this opportunity.

Paul has also been actively involved in our community by being a weekly volunteer for the Meals on Wheels Program. In addition, he has coordinated a unit-based food drive to deliver food baskets to the people on his route over the holidays. Paul’s passion for this program has inspired several other members of our team to get involved.  Last year he motivated four of our team members to become routine volunteers. He also shared his experiences with Meals on Wheels and Eldercare as well as created a poster to encourage participation during our annual United Way Campaign.

Most recently, he sent an email to all staff letting everyone know how fulfilling his volunteer experience with Meals on Wheels has been and how they too, could make a difference in our community. He also offered a shadowing opportunity for anyone who was considering volunteering. Several nurses have completed their shadowing experiences over these past couple weeks and a couple other employees have since reached out to coordinate theirs.

When I became aware of these efforts, I wanted to acknowledge Paul for his passion, compassion, and generosity for community service and his enthusiasm for inspiring others to seek out professional growth opportunities.