Patricia Edwards
May 2021
Critical Care
Bon Secours St. Francis Health System




Patricia was never too busy to help.
Patricia Edwards led a life of helping others. She was someone who was always there for others. She was a critical care nurse for 27 years and always cared for her patients as she would care for her own family. She took care of the most affluent people as well as the most destitute in our community with the same compassion and high standards that she wanted for her loved ones. Patricia was never too busy to help others at work when they were in need. She was never too tired to teach and always gave 100% of herself when she was working as a Nurse. Patricia demanded high standards of herself and taught others to do the same.

Patricia will be missed by many and her legacy as a nurse will continue within our nursing community. She saw the good in everyone, saw potential in everyone, judged no one, discriminated against no one, and embraced every opportunity to do good. She will live in our hearts forever.