Pamela Calarese

Pamela Calarese

Pamela Calarese, MS, RN, CS, OCN

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Pamela has provided me with exceptional treatment... it has gone without doubt above and beyond exceptional so much so that it brought tears to my eyes......

I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran. .. I normally get around with a cane however I reported to my appointment using a walker. As Pam come into the exam room she took one look at me ... I had been knocked down by three dogs and now have severe sciatic pain down my right leg. Pam asked me to wait in the exam room and stepped out. Fewer than 10 minutes later she returned with 3 appointments for me........ All of these things had nothing to do with my lung cancer. However if Pam did not take the time to help, if she was not a kind and loving person with a wonderful disposition my wife and I would truly be lost.... You should be very proud to have such a wonderful person representing your fine hospital....

Pamela's care reflects the highly valued qualities of a caring practice, expert clinical judgement, patient advocacy and collaboration with an interdisciplinary team.