Olivia Filbert

Olivia Filbert, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - Harrison Medical Center: Bremerton and Silverdale
Bremerton, Washington
United States

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Olivia Filbert, RN, for the DAISY Award. Olivia has worked on 2 South East for 12 years and embodies Harrison Medical Center’s core values and mission statement. Through the years she has not only made a positive difference in the lives of our patients and families, but also to the 2SE team.

Olivia has oriented and mentored many nurses on night shift. When I was a resident nurse, I had the privilege of having Olivia precept me. I remember watching Olivia interact with patients, families, and coworkers and thought she was a perfect model of an excellent, expert nurse. I was amazed by the compassionate, patient-centered care she provided; her level of competence; and how she showed exceptional collaboration with the entire healthcare team.

As a patient care supervisor, Olivia is innovative and seeks ways for improvement. She developed a report worksheet for the charge nurses that make giving reports easier and consistent. She is an excellent resource on the floor; if anyone needs help or has questions on policies or procedures, Olivia is there. If a patient is considered a difficult IV start, Olivia is there to hold the patient’s hand and get the IV inserted with one try. Most importantly, during stressful situations, Olivia remains calm and focused, and is able to provide support in any way needed.

The level of professionalism and outstanding customer service skills that Olivia possesses also help greatly during times when service rescue is needed. I remember when a patient’s family was very anxious and upset because we were unable to have the same CNA take care of their ill father. One daughter was so anxious she refused to leave, despite multiple attempts to reassure her. Once Olivia sat down and attentively listened to the family, she was able to make a special connection, provide emotional support, and make the family feel confident enough to go home and sleep. They told me how they appreciated the care we had been providing and the time Olivia took to sit down and talk with them.

Words cannot express what a true asset Olivia Filbert is. I believe that I wouldn’t be the nurse that I am today without her. She not only trained me, but also inspired me as a young nurse to be the best, to be actively involved in our unit council, and to strive to one day be an expert nurse like herself.

Others would also like to second my nomination, and add the following:

“Olivia is one of the stalwarts of 2SE. She is very knowledgeable, extremely competent, highly reliable, an ever-ready resource, and a strong advocate for both patients and coworkers. Olivia cares for her coworkers as much as she cares for her patients. One thing that really stood out to me about Olivia is that she hesitantly applied for the patient care supervisor (PCS) position. While her preference is bedside care nursing, she understood that by taking the PCS position, she would ensure a higher standard of care for patients and a more cohesive staff. This unselfish gesture reflects her commitment to the 2SE team, and the whole organization.”

"When a new PCS was needed, Olivia had my vote. I have always felt very supported when she was charge nurse and now as our PCS. She cares for us and our patients above and beyond my expectations."

“Olivia shows compassion and strength during challenging situations.”

“Olivia is an outstanding charge nurse whose courage, competence, and commitment made a difference. She is very dedicated in her profession. She is highly skilled, compassionate, a sound critical thinker, a collaborator, and consistently displays the highest ethical standard. She never makes her nurses feel that they're alone, and always finds time to help us in every way she can no matter how busy she is. Olivia is an extraordinary person and healthcare provider who epitomizes nursing at its best.”