Olive Adriano
December 2014
Urology Clinic
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
United States




Olive Adriano, RN, CURN, is our Urology procedure nurse for many years and deserves to be recognized and nominated for this Daisy Award not only for her clinical skills but also for her great passion in taking care of patients with urology problems. Olive does an exceptional job not only in assisting our urologists during procedures but also in meeting the values and philosophy of AIMMC.

Olive is a true patients' advocate. She is compassionate and listens to patients' and family members' concerns before and after the planned procedure. Olive is a certified urology RN and because of her wealth of experience and advance knowledge on this specialty, she can comfortably discuss and explain to the patient and family members if they have questions regarding the procedure. Patients who come regularly to the center always ask for Olive. The first question that they ask prior to the procedure is, "Is Olive here today?" Followed with a statement of "I just want to make sure that she is around, she knows what she is doing, she is an expert and she is good and nice".

Olive uses her creativeness and visionary skills. For example, if we are anticipating a patient with problems of mobility due to a stroke, multiple sclerosis, arthritis; Olive envisions that it will be a challenge to have this procedure done with limited manpower, space and time. So Olive prepares the procedure room ahead of time, modifies the procedure table set up so that the patient with limited mobility can be transferred and moved from wheelchair to the exam table safely. It not only creates a safe environment, it also decreases wait times thus increases patient's satisfaction.

Olive is also a perfectionist. In terms of cleaning and storing the medical equipment here, she is very rigid and conscientious. She always wants to make sure that scopes and probes and other equipment are cleaned and stored properly per guidelines. She will explain to you why scopes do not last because they are not properly cleaned and handled. She always says that buying these scopes is expensive and the only way that these scopes will last is taking care of them properly. Olive takes pride and ownership when it comes to equipment here in Urology.

Olive always offers her availability when she sees the MA and PSR rooms busy. She offers help to whoever gets busy so patients do not wait too long and she updates the patients about the delay.

Olive is an active member of Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA) - Chicago chapter. She is the current treasurer. She maintains her certification as a Certified Urologic Nurse and she participates on SUNA activities regularly. This year she was very instrumental in financial planning during their recent 2014 annual convention which was held in Chicago. She applies and shares her professional knowledge to the rest of the staff who works with her during her daily patient encounters. For example, Olive wants to make sure that patients receive the right antibiotics as pre-op before prostate biopsies. If this was not done, Olive alerts and informs the Urologist ahead of time so an action plan can be implemented and procedure will not be cancelled. I am proud to nominate Olive for the DAISY Award.