Telehealth RN Team
October 2019
Nurse Telehealth RN Team
at Hennepin Healthcare
Hennepin Healthcare
United States
Nancy Anselmin, RN, BSN; Lisa Barry, RN, BSN; Tammy Conlin, RN; Jennifer Daly, RN, BSN; Anna Dalyrmple, RN, BSN; Shontel Floyd, RN; Denise Ganje, RN; Mary Hanson, RN, BSN; Kathy Henderson, RN; Brenda Hopper, RN; Carroll Hutcheson, RN, BSN; Meredith Klein, RN, BSN; Emily Knapczyk, RN, BSN; Cheryl Neisen, RN; Colleen Nolde, RN; Elizabeth Pehl, RN; Barbara Rebel, RN; MargaretAnn Reeves, RN; Halimo Said, RN BSN; Janet Schreiner, RN, BSN; Jane Skar, RN, BSN; Joleen Winkelman, RN; Peggy Kimmet, RN; Theresa Traut, RN, BSN




This group of Registered Nurses provides telephone-based symptom assessment, education, and assistance to the patients of Hennepin Healthcare Ambulatory Care and Specialty Clinics. They also provide after-hours support for the GI Lab and Hennepin Healthcare Hospice. Over the past couple of years, the team has adjusted to many changes in workflows and how these calls are received along with an updated phone system! What have these changes meant for the staff and patients of Hennepin Healthcare?
Access to a Triage Nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
This was implemented at the end of 2016 to provide our patients access to a Hennepin Healthcare Telehealth Triage RN whenever they need one!
In partnership with Connection Center and Hennepin Healthcare Clinics, we have improved the process for scheduling same day/next day appointments for patients with minor acute illnesses.
This process change has decreased the number of calls requiring triage prior to scheduling an appointment which will in turn improved patient experience and satisfaction.
Significant decrease in the number of after-hours on-call contacts for the RNs of the GI Lab.
Telehealth RNs have been educated and given tools to address patient questions regarding diagnostic test preparation and scheduling concerns.
Centralized Medication Refill processing for all of the Community Clinics!
The Telehealth RNs are all being trained to use an application in Epic that has automated the process of medication refill management which makes the process considerably faster while reducing the risk for RN errors.
We have reduced the work for the Clinic RNs by assuming responsibility for processing medication refill requests!
Quicker turnaround time for medication refill requests that meet protocol!
Finally, the team's biggest challenge has been a significant update to our telephone system.
New phones, headsets, and software were rolled out in November 2018.
There was no way to gradually change and train to the new system so they jumped in, feet first, to figure it all out and answer each other's questions.
We all know that change can cause frustration but this team has dug their heels in because they know these changes have and will continue to result in improved patient experience and access to care.