Nkeiru Esonu

Nkeiru Esonu

Nkeiru Esonu, RN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Nkeiru is deserving of the DAISY Award because she is the kind of nurse you want to be. She provides excellent patient care to all patients on 6SE! Nkeiru will go above and beyond every time when there is a need. She is compassionate and caring.

In the last several years, Nkeiru has taken on some of the newer expectations of care at UWMC and made them a success on 6SE. She was very inspired by the mentorship program that matched newly hired RNs with experienced nurses for support and guidance throughout their first year. Nkeiru developed the mentor program on 6SE which has fostered a very supportive environment. She even helped to develop an educational opportunity for the mentorship program in which several units participated. Even after the program ended, she continues to match new grads with experienced nurses who take on this role willingly. I think this is one of the reasons we have such a caring group of nurses and a supreme team environment.

When discharge phone calls started, we all were wondering how we could accomplish this huge task. Nkeiru slowly began by making as many calls as she could each day. As we got the program up and running on 6SE, she began training others to help her. As the ADT role developed, she was able to hand over the responsibility of the calls to this person. Now, due to Nkeiru's diligence, we have a very successful program to complete all discharge phone calls and Nkeiru is clearly the champion!

Nkeiru would rather be on the floor helping out staff than doing anything else. As the charge RN, she provides guidance and strength. Nkeiru is a terrific resource and she works very hard to coordinate care among all disciplines. She really deserves to be recognized with the DAISY Award!