Morgan Foley

Morgan Foley

Morgan Foley, RN

9 Center, Medical, Adult & Pediatrics
Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States

Morgan demonstrates compassionate care, exemplary service and a commitment to excellence. I would like to share a story about why she is so special:

Morgan was helping out, working extra hours over the weekend, because we were short staff. She is always extremely willing to help her coworkers, especially when she is the charge nurse. This particular day the doctor arrived on the floor and decided to discharge a patient back to an assisted care facility unexpectedly. The patient required oxygen and was starting quite a few new medications. There was no discharge planner or social worker available at the time.

The family members of the patient were very distressed being told she wouldn't discharge until Monday. They felt that the communication they had received was incorrect and they were uneasy about taking their mother back without all of the proper plans in place. Morgan recognized this anxiety and took it upon herself to make it right.

The nurse that was assigned to this patient had a patient in the end stages of life, a confused patient, and another patient who was receiving very difficult news that morning. Morgan recognized that there was no way for this nurse to care for all of these patients AND find a way to get this patient back to her assisted living facility by the afternoon.

Morgan spent hours making numerous phone calls (some not well received) to pharmacies, the provider, the family, and the assisted living facility. It was a Sunday and most of the people who were needed had to be called in on but Morgan made it happen because it was what needed to be done. In the end, the patient and her family were very grateful for all the time and care that Morgan put in to allow her to get back to her home.

Morgan is extremely valuable to Mayo Clinic Health System. She is exactly what a nurse should be. Thank you for your excellent nursing care Morgan.