Molly Blum
June 2020
Cancer Center
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Molly has been a nurse at HCMC for more than 15 years. I have had the pleasure of working with her on the inpatient medicine unit and now here in the cancer center. Molly works with passion and takes immense pride in being a nurse. She is compassionate, culturally aware, and sensitive. By being sympathetic to her patients, she develops a bond with her patients, one of understanding and advocacy. Her soft-spoken demeanor and helpful manner put patients at ease.
We often work in a hectic fast-paced environment, but she realizes that her patients may be moving slowly or have questions that need to be answered. Molly listens closely to what they are saying and addresses their individual needs.
I admire her attention to detail and learn a lot from her. Any misstep, especially with administering chemo drugs can have far-reaching consequences. She pays great attention to details, is thorough, and careful not to skip steps and leaves nothing to chance. She is an outstanding team player and a co-worker. She is a mentor to new nurses and a good resource to her peers.
On top of all this, Molly possesses a sense of humor that lightens up the atmosphere and helps us all cruise through difficult emotions.