Molly Alston

Molly Alston

Molly Alston, BSN, RN

Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
Children's National Medical Center
Washington, District Of Columbia
United States

Molly Alston is the nurse coordinator for our Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program and her primary role is to coordinate and administer Remicade infusions. All of our patients receive the same medication so it would be easy to allow the infusions to become somewhat routine, but Molly takes such extra care to ensure that each patient's specific needs are addressed with each infusion that she truly exemplifies personalized family-centered care. Our patients look forward to their visits with Molly not just because they know that they will receive excellent nursing care (which they do), but also because they enjoy talking to and connecting with her, which is something she does with ease. Here is a letter from a family that shows the compassion she has for the patients and families:

Dear CNMC Gastro Team,

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize our infusion nurse for the spectacular job that she does each and every time we come in for an infusion. Molly Alston is not only professional and proficient at what she does, but she is a pleasure to be around and provides us with so much more than we have expected. She is punctual, great at drawing blood, more than knowledgeable about the infusion process, knowledgeable regarding the diseases that her patients are dealing with, she exudes confidence and compassion and most of all, she does all of this with a cheerful smile.

Molly has been working with our family for over a year now and we just want to make sure that she is recognized for the awesome job that she does. Having to come in for regular drug infusions is not a fun thing for any child or family, but I must say that with Molly there it makes the entire process so much better.

Thank all of you for your care of my child, and a special thanks to Molly for what she means to our family in dealing with this chronic illness.