Mohammad Al Rufayi
November 2018
Al Rufayi
Department of Emergency Medicine
King Abdulaziz University Hospital Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




We came to the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) because my father had difficulty breathing, that time Mr. Mohammed was the nurse assigned to my father. He is very compassionate and warm-hearted. When my father's shoe was about to fall, he bent down and put it back with a happy smile on his face. He even took care of my father's clothes and didn't let them wrinkle. Before I left to go to the pharmacy to take my father's medications, he insisted to do it so I can be with my father all the time. He is very empathetic and knows how a son feels towards a father. We were so stressed because of my father's situation but all this tiredness vanished. We were overwhelmed with the kind of care we received from him.