Misty Duden

Misty Duden, RN, BSN

Pediatric ICU
Banner University Medical Center - Tucson
Tucson, Arizona
United States

Misty Duden is the utmost professional - able to take any assignment and "Operate" any machinery and the "tools of our nursing trade". She is very highly regarded role model to both old and new, possessing impeccable skills and one of our most popular preceptors. She’s a strong unifying force in PICM. She has an easy smile, very positive attitude, always mentoring others, devoted to her patients and their families with high acuity, long term patients. Misty's main focus is our patients and their families. She is a fantastic mentor, preceptor, coworker, and nurse.
We recently had a very sick little child on ECMO on our unit. Misty was her primary nurse, worked extra shifts, and checked on her when she was not on the unit. After the patient was taken off ECMO, it was discovered that she would not recover from some neuro deficits she suffered. The family made the hard decision to turn her pace maker off (she was 100% dependant). Misty was right there with the family the entire time. One evening, she rocked the little child for hours while the parents attempted to rest.
Misty is truly inspiring, and is one of the best nurses on our unit, in UMC, and that I have ever met. Watching her deliver such compassionate care brings tears to my eyes. Although Misty will not want to be recognized for what she would say is “just doing her job”, she deserves to know that she makes a difference in so many people's lives every day.