Missy Dial-High

Missy Dial-High

Missy Dial-High, MSN, RN

Patient Placement Center
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Missy meets high standards daily in her work as a nursing supervisor and staff nurse. I just recently received a letter from a patient commending Missy for saving his life. The patient lost responsiveness while driving his car and crashed into a brick house. A lady realtor saw the events and was waving for help. Missy was driving down Quaker and saw the lady waving for help and stopped. Upon assessing the patient he was found to be pulseless and apneic. Missy started CPR until EMS arrived, subsequently giving the patient a chance at life.

As the patient states, "Missy Dial-High was off work that day. She stopped when she saw Mrs. R waving for help. She certainly did not have to stop and help, but she did.

Missy demonstrated what UMC is all about, Service is our Passion.