Miriam Russom
March 2017
Surgical Unit
Huntington Hospital
United States




I am a nurse in maternity, my husband was involved in a horrific accident that left him with an epidural bleed. He was in ICU upon admission, we were faced with making a decision regarding surgery and we were so confused. My husband eventually got transferred to Tele and Miriam was his nurse there. Our first hour on tele was sad, I was confused and crying, faced with making a decision for my husband. Miriam saw me crying, held my hand and sat down beside me. By the end of our conversation, she made me feel so hopeful. She sat beside me as long as I needed her to without interrupting her other commitments with her patients. She helped me feel peace and made me feel like I wasn't alone in this. She said, "I am your sister, we are nurses we support each other and I will be you and your husband's advocate". That day I had peace to make a decision for my husband. Miriam continued to support my husband and me by stopping by to say hello on her days off. Miriam exemplified the compassion and support that all nurses should provide for their patients and family members. I learned so much from Miriam's example and I will take that experience and use it in my nursing practice moving forward.