Mindy Hurst and Jennifer Clemmer

Mindy Hurst and Jennifer Clemmer

Mindy Hurst and Jennifer Clemmer, RNs

Labor and Delivery/Cancer Institute
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania
United States

Congratulations to Mindy Hurst, RN, Labor and Delivery, and Jennifer Clemmer, RN, Cancer Institute, for receiving the DAISY Award. Here is their story:

The daddy was admitted to 6-PSHCI and diagnosed with both AML and pneumonia. Jen Clemmer was his nurse. The patient's wife was pregnant with her second child. Over the course of his hospital stay, patient 1 began his chemotherapy regimen. Both the patient and his wife were educated on the length of the chemotherapy plan of care, the need to remain hospitalized during treatment, and the length of recovery coupled with the pneumonia. They decided that in order for his wife to remain close to her husband during the treatment, she would transfer her care to the Medical Center, which she did at 37 weeks of pregnancy. She went into labor at 38 weeks while her husband was still hospitalized. Mindy Hurst admitted the wife to L&D and was moved to labor room #1 which is slightly larger and able to accommodate a wheelchair or liter, with the hopes of her husband being able to come down for the delivery.

Both Jen and Mindy kept in touch, however, his pulmonary status worsened, increasing his oxygen requirements drastically. As they continued to monitor each patient's progress, it became apparent that patient 1 would not make it to L&D for his wife's delivery. At 4:02 a.m., the patient's wife delivered a healthy baby girl, while her husband was on a non-rebreather mask, awaiting transfer to the ICU. He was told the L&D nurses would bring his baby daughter to his bedside so he could meet her and because his wife was still recovering from delivery, she would not make it.

Mindy seeing the importance of the patient's wife being able to see her husband when he met his daughter for the first time, spoke with the obstetricians; and they agreed that if she went with the patient's wife, she and another nurse could take her in a wheelchair with the baby to her husband's room. On the way there, the patient's wife stated that she hoped this would be a motivating factor for him to fight this. At approximately 4:45 a.m., much to his surprise, both his wife and daughter entered his room. After a short visit, they returned to their room and the patient was transferred to the SICU. An emergency airway was called and he was intubated shortly thereafter.

Jen stated "Witnessing the introduction of daddy and daughter - especially under these circumstances - was beautiful, truly an honor." Mindy stated "It was the best thing I ever did as a nurse".

If it was not for these two nurses and the dedication they showed to all three patients, the daddy would not have been introduced to his daughter before going to the ICU. I truly believe that we have angels among us; both nurses deserving the DAISY Award.