Michelle Stinnett
March 2017
Operating Room
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Michelle took care of a 26-year-old with a history of PTSD from his past military duty. Michelle approached the family of the young veteran to find out more information and to better care for him. Apparently, he'd had very violent wake ups after anesthesia and terrifying flashbacks. His mother was able to offer some suggestions that would help him. Michelle not only listened to the mother but put into practice the suggestions the mother had made. The mother said no one had ever approached her before surgery and greatly appreciated Michelle reaching out to her.
Before the surgery was over Michelle made sure there was a private room for the patient to go to, as stimulation increased his agitation. On arrival to PACU Michelle stayed with the PACU nurse, educated her thoroughly on his issues. She also encouraged the nurse to have his mother at his bedside as soon as possible as she was really good at calming him down and keeping him calm.
Because of everything Michelle did, this young man had an uneventful wake-up and recovery. He was had fleeting moments of confusion and intermittent flashbacks but his mother helped him through them and he remained calm.
I'm not sure but I believe Michelle has a military background. Because of her expertise, this young veteran had the best possible surgical experience. Because she took the time to educate the staff involved in his care, everyone was prepared for the worst but instead saw the best. He served our country and I'm proud to say, with Michelle's help, we were able to serve him with dignity and respect.