Michelle Profaci
January 2019
Regional Cancer Care Associates LLC
United States




Michelle came into our lives in the winter of 2015 when my husband began weekly iron infusions ordered by his Oncologist. When it came to making appointments each week, I found myself checking the calendar and selecting days that coincided with Michelle's schedule. All the treatment nurses on duty at RCCA are highly qualified and professional but after the first month of treatment, it became apparent that Michelle was "special" to both of us.
My husband has a heart of gold, but I am the first to admit that he can be a difficult patient! Michelle has the innate ability to accept the "mood" or "attitude" of her patients. She would remain positive, supportive, and comforting each visit and before long, he looked forward to weekly iron infusions. On days that were extremely busy in the treatment room, Michelle was required to tend to several patients simultaneously. Regardless of her workload, Michelle would make sure that he had a heating pad to warm his arm, so veins became more visible. Finding a suitable vein has grown increasingly difficult, bordering impossible, over the last three years for all medical professionals. My husband's bladder cancer returned and in addition to the iron infusions, Michelle takes time to discuss the procedure, the time for the infusions, possible side effects, and medicines prescribed, along with detailed copies of his weekly blood test results, in addition to Michelle's exemplary nursing tasks. Through it, all Michelle never loses her smile and gentle composure as she floats about the treatment room checking on all patients.
Over the past three years, we have come to know each other quite well. From time-to-time, we share stories and photos of family celebrations. Michelle extends some of the same love she has for her husband, mother and children upon her RCCA family. Outside the treatment room, Michelle has kept the line of communication open and finds time to send a text or email to answer questions or check up on his progress. I think that her nursing profession is embedded in her soul. I find myself thanking God that Michelle came into our lives three years ago and has been there with us through a difficult journey. My husband and I feel honored to nominate Michelle for the DAISY Award.