Michelle Maitland

Michelle Maitland

Michelle Maitland, RN

Saint Joseph Hospital (CO)
Denver, Colorado
United States

Michelle Maitland was nominated by two physician colleagues for her award:

1. Widely acknowledged as the best non-cardiac RN in the St. Joe’s OR. Seamlessly makes complex care go smoothly. Thinks continuously from all perspectives (anesthesiologist, surgeon, patient, scrub, and nurse) and anticipates wonderfully. My favorite RN for bad cases in bad places.

2. A patient needed to come down emergently from ICU. The OR paged overhead for “any available staff.” Michele immediately stopped eating lunch and rushed to see what was needed. They told her, and she rushed to set up the room. She quickly gathered supplies, etc., instructed another RN to get the patient. When she noticed that no scrub tech had answered the call, she immediately scrubbed in and set up the sterile instruments – doing the work of 2 people by herself. The patient arrived to find the room ready with no delay. The patient did well, despite nearly arresting in the ICU. This exemplifies how Michele is a devoted, selfless, dedicated, and diligent member of the SJH operating room staff.
She regularly jumps in without complaint in order to take care of patients to which she is not even assigned. She is routinely the first person to respond to any emergent overhead pages – Code Blue, Any available RN, Any available staff, etc.
She can also do just about any service in the OR, both functioning as an RN and Scrub Tech. This makes her unique and special. The OR could use more nurses of her caliber and should strive for that. She is exemplary and deserving of the Daisy Award.