Michelle Gibb
July 2017
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Michelle is always willing to help others and puts every patient on the unit, not just those assigned to her, at the top of her priority list. I was in the middle of discharge rounds when my patient showed symptoms of a stroke. The PCA called out for help and Michelle was the nurse close by and activated the stroke code. She helped me get my patient back to bed, helped provide the information to the stoke team when they arrived and got the patient prepared to go downstairs to CT. I would have felt very overwhelmed without her there, and my patient would not have been treated as quickly without Michelle's quick stroke activation. When I went downstairs with my patient, Michelle gave meds and delegated for other nurses to help with my patients so everyone was covered. I could not have asked for better support from a colleague during this stressful situation. I have seen Michelle go out of her way to help her colleagues and every patient on the floor every time that I have worked with her. She is consistently a true team player and an amazing patient advocate.
Michelle's willingness to help other colleagues and any patient on the floor has made a positive impact our unit and work environment. She advocates for all of the patients and is not afraid to escalate communication up the chain if she feels that something is not right. Patient safety and well-being is her number one priority. She goes to great lengths to ensure that every patient has the appropriate care, especially in urgent situations. Michelle is very approachable whenever I, or any colleague, needs help and is a great resource for new nurses especially. I frequently find myself asking her questions or running something by her, and she is always willing to offer insight and advice. Michelle is an all-around wonderful nurse and colleague.