Michelle Botchey

Michelle Botchey

Michelle Botchey, MSN, CPNP, ARNP

Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States
Michelle was able to speak to my son with ease and explain the situation in words and emotions that he needed.

Nurse Botchey needs a superhero cape! She came into our lives the first time we stayed in the hospital. After having a plethora of doctors and nurses from multiple departments and levels of authority the whole situation became a bit overwhelming.

Ms. Botchey was extraordinary in her care for my child. She was able to speak to him with ease and explain the situation in words and emotions that he needed. The conversation with him did not feel rushed or forced. Despite an abscess being located in an embarrassing location, Ms. Botchey made the entire process painless.

As a parent, having to make all the decisions at the time, she was a welcoming medical professional. She genuinely looked you in the eyes, answered questions with sincere interest, and followed through on medical questions. Upon our second trip to the hospital, she was the only one to recognize us as a follow up to a previous hospital visit two weeks prior! Instantly, she started up a conversation with both my son and me about stories from our last visit, the room started glowing. This connection was incredibly valuable to our family.

Ms. Botchey needs a hero's cape with a big DAISY on it! We appreciated her while at Children's Hospital! Thanks for making a tough situation a lot better!