Michael Screpesi

Michael Screpesi

Michael Screpesi, RN, BSN

Cardio Vascular Critical Complex (CVCCC)
Christiana Care Health System
Newark, Delaware
United States
Michael's attention to detail and commitment to his profession was comforting.

I met Michael while he was caring for my husband. As a Christiana Care employee and spouse, I observed the level of care that Michael provided for R. He would enter his room quietly, peaceful and being the noble man that he is, he showed such patience with his patient family. He spoke to us with a calm voice, which he delivered with such warmth.

On the third day of R being on the ventilator, I decided to make a decision since my husband’s desire was not to live life with the support from a machine. Michael explained the options that I had and also offered to intervene when my mother-in-law wasn’t trying to hear or understand why a decision was being made by me.

This was a very difficult time for my daughter and me, but with Michael by our side, it made our grief a little easier. Michael asked for permission to take the load off of me, and he proceeded to speak with my husband’s parents on my behalf. Michael has done an excellent job of understanding my needs, as well as of his patient’s. However, shortly after he had spoken with the family, my husband had begun to transition on his own.

Michael rushed in and explained the process to the family; he remained professional and compassionate. Michael's attention to detail and commitment to his profession was comforting, and the support that we received from him and his colleagues, made me feel proud to be a part of the Christiana Care Health System.

I always reflect on how Michael's support during this time made me a stronger person. His knowledge, experience, thoughtfulness and kindness of the process of losing a loved one, made it bearable to accept.

Michael has such an impeccable high standard of care for his occupation. He has exceptional clinical skills, compassion, and respect that reach out to others. I am forever grateful to have had him by my side.