Mena Biscocho

Mena Biscocho

Mena Biscocho, BSN, RN

CHI Franciscan St. Clare Hospital
Lakewood, Washington
United States
Mena provided such reliable, respectful, and patient-oriented care.

Mena is just amazing in all aspects; rendering excellent and holistic care to her patients and families. Very passionate with her job. Very professional. Very kind-hearted. Always has a sweet smile with a calm and expert approach. She is an excellent preceptor/educator. She is highly skilled and very experienced. She is one of the strong resource RNs. Very helpful and approachable. Very soft spoken. Provides excellent care always. A good problem solver. Gets along well with the team. Very loyal to CHI.


Mena Biscocho exemplifies what it means to be an extraordinary nurse. I have had multiple interactions with Mena. The first situation involves me being a patient of hers. I was transferred from ICU to OSS. Upon my arrival, Mena welcomed me and explained how the course of the night would go, and what I should expect. She provided such reliable, respectful, and patient-oriented care. She was prompt to answer call lights and addressed all my medical needs; going above and beyond in my eyes, as I, too, am a RN. As a patient, I felt that I was her main concern. Mena was thorough in her assessments, and took the time to educate me in the plan of care.

Fast forward about six months, and I was working in the ER. We had a patient requiring a task that several ER nurses, including myself, were unsuccessful in achieving. As the charge nurse, I remember many nurses commenting on how Mena has so much experience and skill at placing Foley catheters. Lucky for our patient, Mena was working that night. Mena’s teamwork and integrity was seen that night as she willingly accepted my request for help with our ER patient. She took time from her busy night to come place a catheter which brought immense comfort to the patient. It was evident that night that Mena sees all of St. Clare as her team.