Melaine Zouski
May 2017
Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare
La Crosse
United States




Melanie was the nurse in ICU on the night my fiancée tried to hurt herself. Melanie was extremely nice and helpful. She asked me if I needed to talk about what happened and my efforts of doing CPR until the EMT’s arrived. She didn’t just take care of my fiancée that night; she took care of me too. She made me feel at home and let me sleep in the room with her and hold her hand all night. She prayed with me and checked on us both every 20-30 min. I hope she knows that she helped me a lot, having someone to talk to. Thank you, Melanie, for being there.


Melanie is a top-notch critical care RN. It is not uncommon for Melanie to extend her talents beyond the needs of our patients to meet those of others as well. Her gentle and genuine disposition is a God-given gift which cannot be appreciated enough. I would say that Melanie is an inspiration to many and a role model for all.

Very recently, I know that she was involved in the care of another young lady patient whose situation was grave and outcome devastating. During the hours that Melanie was in charge of that difficult shift, I know that she assisted at the bedside and communicated with family and team members supporting them in a kind and compassionate way much like the situation described here by this patient family. Not only does Melanie excel as a critical care RN, charge RN, and specialties team RN, she is flexible with staffing needs, floats to other departments when needed/able, and is very supportive of our leadership team which does not go unrecognized.