Megan "Hope" Conley

Hope Conley

Megan "Hope" Conley, RN

Medical Unit
Pikeville Medical Center
Pikeville , Kentucky
United States
Hope made the whole family feel welcome and special.

My husband became very ill and was hospitalized. He was very upset and confused.  Hope was his nurse, she was always cheerful, happy, and caring. She was always checking to see if he was comfortable or if he needed anything.  When he didn’t want to take his medicine, she was very patient and never gave up until he took it, even though she was very busy.  When he pulled his oxygen off and the wires to his monitor she was right there to fix them.  It is hard to explain but she made the whole family feel welcome and special.  She wasn’t just doing her job.  She is one of the most caring nurses I have ever met.  Any hospital should be proud to have Hope working for them.  I hope everyone at PMC knows what a special nurse she is.  I will never forget her and the care she gave my husband and family.  Her name said it exactly right.  Hope, as long as there are nurses like her, patients and families have Hope.

Thank you, Hope, from the bottom of our hearts.