Matthew Kulhanek

Matthew Kulhanek

Matthew Kulhanek, RN, BSN

AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale
Hinsdale, Illinois
United States
Even though the patient was mostly delirious or lethargic, Matt treated him with the utmost respect.

Matt Kulhanek displays such compassionate nursing care.  Today I walked in on his room and found him on his knees at the patient’s bedside.  The patient is in a low bed.  So instead of peering over the patient, he got down to eye level.  He was explaining to the patient about his disease process, his plan of care for the day and how we want to keep him safe.  Even though the patient was mostly delirious or lethargic, he treated him with the utmost respect. 


Matt was assigned to me after my surgery.  He is a very conscientious, pleasant and caring person.  I felt like I was really being a problem, but he said I was never a problem.  He went out of his way to make me comfortable and he anticipated what I needed before I even knew what I needed.  I arrived in the unit around 1 PM after surgery.  My son and daughter came with me to the hospital at 5:15 AM.  They were in the surgery waiting room where the sign showed I was still in recovery even though I had been transferred to my room.  Matt tried to get in touch with them about 3 PM when I asked where they were.  I did not know their cell phone numbers.  He did get my daughter’s number, but her battery was low, and he could not leave a message.  They did come to my room at 5 PM after someone told them I was out of recovery long ago.  The day I was being discharged, Matt came to say goodbye and wish me well.  The other nurses assigned to me were good too, but he was exceptional.