Marty Comer

Marty Comer, RN, BSN

Transition Department
Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

I truly have never worked with a nurse who displayed TOTAL patient centered care as Marty. He always takes the time to explain even the smallest of tasks to the patient in a very kind, compassionate, and empathetic manner. There was a morning when an outpatient had arrived in a wheelchair. Marty jumped up to help us get him on a gurney. Before he would let any of us do anything, he knelt down at the patient’s level and explained everything that we were going to do and asked if it was OK.
Treating the patient in mind, body and spirit is first and foremost for Marty. Another occasion I recall was a time when a patient asked to see me about one of the nurses. I went to see the patient who wanted to share with me how kind Marty was just sit with him to talk. Marty has a very subtle, gentle way to guiding his co-workers in their patient care and communication, mostly through leading by example.