Martha Harris

Martha Harris, RN

Thomas Health- Addiction Healing Center
Thomas Health - Saint Francis Hospital
Charleston, West Virginia
United States
Since my time here, Martha has encouraged me to pick up the pieces of my life.

I came into the 28-day program at Saint Francis feeling lost, broken, scared, and a shell of my former self. After 2 years of sobriety, I went through relapse after the death of my father. It was the most difficult time of my life. Coming into treatment was something I was unsure of and only agreed to do as a last-ditch effort to turn my life around once again before ultimately losing it to a possible overdose, an accident while under the influence, or spending the rest of my life in jail or prison over a drug-related crime.

I had lost my career, my home, my significant other, most of my family has disowned me. I had no sense of dignity, self-worth, and lost the capacity to feel humor. Martha was the first person I met upon entering the 28-day program. I guess she sensed my uncertainty and pain. She immediately reassured me that I was in the right place, that I can get the help I needed here, and that it was possible for me to get better. She was there to assist me in healing mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. My first interaction with her was the first time since I could remember that someone treated me with any kind of empathy, compassion, or even decency to a stranger.

Since my time here, Martha has encouraged me to pick up the pieces of my life. She has made sure to check up on me and to make sure I was doing OK and ask if all my needs were being met. All the staff I have encountered have been great, but Martha has gone above and beyond to help me heal; to allow me to gain some dignity and self-respect, and perhaps most importantly that I am worthy of living; worthy of another chance at life, and worthy of love, compassion, and hope. Thank you from me and my loved ones.