February 2013
Wound Ostomy Nurse
Hardin Memorial Hospital
United States




In August of last year I was brought into the emergency room with no feeling in my left leg. At that time I was told it may have to be amputated because of lack of oxygen to the limb. I do not recall all of the people's names, but I do know that I received exceptional service from everyone, but Marilyn Barr I remember the most. When I awoke from surgery I found out that Dr. V, by some miracle, was able to save my leg by performing a fasciotomy. I had tubes and a wound pump attached to my leg and was in a great deal of pain. Marilyn came and changed my dressing on a daily basis. She took great care in insuring that I had as little discomfort as possible. She always came in to the room with a positive attitude which in turn made me feel at ease. She would always start a conversation and talk me through what she was doing. I feel that because of her positive attitude and her professionalism, my leg has healed and I am back to working again. Marilyn has set a sterling example for herself, HMH, and the health care profession.