Marianne Mingione
March 2017
Mother Baby Unit
Overlake Medical Center
United States




Marianne has been a tremendous help for me.  I had a preterm labor, my baby was taken away from me to the NICU, I was under influence of painkillers and felt sad, passive and disoriented.  Marianne used her natural optimism and energy to bring structure into my hospital life, making me think positive and provided extra help with things that I didn’t expect her to do.  For example, she has arranged a meeting with PT while I was still in the hospital to equip me with a walker (I have developed a bad hip condition during pregnancy and couldn't walk without assistance) and it significantly raised my quality of life.  She also helped me to get a milk pump rented right before I left the hospital so I didn't need to come back.  All these extra things were in addition to high-quality nursing support.  I finally felt that I can relax about my stay in hospital and plan for our future with my baby.