Maria "Fe" Beniga

Fe Beniga

Maria "Fe" Beniga, RN

Dignity Health St. Joseph's Medical Center
Stockton, California
United States
I continuously thanked her for being the way she was and Fe responded that she sees my father as her own.

My father was the patient and passed away at St. Joseph’s.  I want to give a shout-out to a special nurse who went above and beyond.  My dad’s health deteriorated very quickly and was transferred to hospice care while at St. Joseph’s.  Fe spent the extra time with him, making him feel as comfortable as possible.  She was thorough in making sure she was suctioning his secretions carefully and thoroughly, a little at a time.  Definitely not overdoing it, so as to not make his oxygen drop dramatically during suctioning, even if it meant she had to return soon to repeat the suctioning. She made sure he was clean at all times, re-positioned, stable vital signs, and absolute comfort.  Every time I saw her, I knew everything would be taken care of.  She even sat outside the door charting on her computer and as soon as she would hear the IV machine make a beeping sound, she was in there.  No need for me to go out to get a nurse.  I really don’t know how she did it but she was always available.  Also, when a new order was needed, she would get it in no time.  I gather she would persist in getting her orders in a timely fashion.  I continuously felt the need to thank her because she was such an outstanding, caring and extremely efficient nurse.  Sometimes you get efficiency but not enough compassion.  Other times, you might get compassion but lack the skills and thorough medical care, however, Fe had both.  Fe was empathetic and skillful.  As I mentioned, I continuously thanked her for being the way she was and she responded that she sees my father as her own.  That really touched my heart and at that moment, I understood why she was such a wonderful nurse.