Lynnellen Ferguson

Lynnellen Ferguson, RN

Cancer Center Surgery Clinic
Banner University Medical Center - Tucson
Tucson, Arizona
United States

Lynnellen is an outstanding RN with excellent clinical skills . The patients ove her because she treats them as individuals and remembers them between visits. This is an example of her commitment to excellence: She is a nursing coordinator for one of the cancer surgeons and when the physician was in Chile one of his patietns became very sick at home and the patient's home health nurse paged me. it became very clear that this patient needed treatment but we wanted to keep her out of the ER, so I paged Lynnellen and asked her if this patient could come in to see another surgeon. Lynnellen called the patient at home and told her to come to the cancer center for treatment t. The patient received 2 units of packed red blood cells, blood cultures and other care. Basically Lynnellen kept the patient from getting re-admitted to the hospital while the physician was in South America. The patient has since recovered and has also nominated Lynnellen for this award.