Lorri Elliott

Lorri Elliott

Lorri Elliott, RN

Maternal Infant Care
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Lorri Elliott is a nurse extraordinaire! Within months of Lorri's arrival in 2012 as an experienced perinatal nurse, we began to hear nothing but praise from patients and staff who had any contact with her. Lorri could be the primary nurse, a support nurse or a nursing colleague and in every role, she demonstrated her knowledge, compassion and commitment to providing our patients with the highest level of care.

During both leader rounding with patients and in patient discharge calls, we received an amazing number of adjectives describing the care Lorri provides. These adjectives include: helpful, wonderful, absolutely amazing, really good, fantastic, excellent, awesome, goes above and beyond, spectacular, incredible, great, outstanding, exceptional, nice, and attentive.

While Lorri's commitment to patients is clearly experienced as exceptional, her team work and commitment to her colleagues is also at an outstanding level. When rounding with staff who work with Lorri, the adjectives continue. Nurses mention that she is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. She is always available and looking for opportunities to provide assistance to her colleagues. She is described as the consummate team player. Additionally, Lorri is described as the most amazing baker. She "feeds" her colleagues with her wisdom, support, assistance, and real food.

Lorri brings a demonstrated commitment to providing each patient with individualized, patient and family centered care. She works collaboratively with the entire healthcare team to ensure that everyone receives the safest and highest quality care. Lorri's professionalism demonstrates "Patients Are First" each time she comes to work.

Lorri is an amazing professional nurse. Whenever Lorri is present, patients receive outstanding care and the team is cared for as well.