Lori Aylwin

Lori Aylwin, RN, BSN

Float Nurse
Physicians Regional Healthcare System
Naples, Florida
United States

When I think of a nurse I think of them as being compassionate, strong hearted, intelligent, having integrity, and putting others before themselves..I can honestly say inspirational nurses are hard to come by and when they cross your path they make an impact. Lori is one of those nurses. As a student nurse, the clinical setting is where we learn our actual skills and critical thinking. It is imperative to have good mentors who love their job but also want to share their knowledge and skills with us. Lori truly has been an extraordinary nurse to follow. She thoroughly explains concepts and completes her job with integrity and compassion. She looks for the best interest in all of her patients, treats them with respect, takes the time to explain procedures, and goes the extra mile to provide comfort to them. She sets a great example of what us future nurses should strive to be and how our patients and community should expect to be treated.