Lloyd Fisher

Lloyd Fisher, RN

Lloyd Fisher, RN

Pain Center
Miami Valley Hospital-Premier Health
Dayton, Ohio
United States
He always takes the time to know the patient and their families on a personal level

I have been a patient of the Pain Center for approximately twenty years.  During this time, Lloyd Fisher has always taken the time to provide the family centered care that a patient needs.  He respects his patients’ needs.  I have watched him with other patients.  He always takes the time to know the patient and their families on a personal level.  He works with my mother and families of other patients, including them in the plan of care.  He knows our issues and works to get us the care we need.  He knows I work multiple jobs and not always feeling my best.  He respects my mother as my advocate and understands that part of helping a patient is to involve their family.  Lloyd is also a patient advocate.  He never hesitates to discuss my case with other physicians.  They provide what I need to continue a quality life working full time.

Lloyd always follows up within hours of me leaving a question.  He will pursue the care needed whether it is to schedule more testing, refer to a specialist, call in medications or find appointments on short notice to allow me some comfort.  I remember my first epidural.  I had a lot of apprehension and Lloyd allowed me to hold his hand during the first few epidurals.  He is very supportive and reassuring.

I have recently had worsening back issues and Lloyd had my treatment plan set up with Dr. S within 24 hours.  Lloyd’s attention to my issues has allowed me better mobility and hope.  The Pain Center has one of the best patient care staff within Miami Valley Hospital.  The RNs personally wheel their patients out to meet their rides, show no judgment for chronic pain and make a difference knowing that the little things mean so much when you are in pain.