November 2019
Regional Cancer Care Associates LLC
United States
Natasha M Dixson, LPN;
Jennifer E Farrah, LPN;
Mary Mary Koenig, LPN;
Helen, Zebrowski, LPN;
Brenda Fuller, RN;
Jayne Kline, RN;
Victoria M Macolino, RN;
Joanne Palladino, RN;
Judy Sferlazzo, RN;
Patricia D Berardi, RN;
Wendy DeVirgiliis, RN




I would like to thank not one, but all the nurses who take care of me at RCCA. Their kindness, compassion, and expertise are so essential to my health. They also display a sense of humor which is so appreciated as laughter is an important part of healing. I thank all of the nurses who prepare me for treatment and administer the treatment as well. I am thankful and blessed to be a patient at RCCA.