Lissa Stratton

Lissa Stratton

Lissa Stratton, BSN, RN

Winter Park Memorial Hospital
Winter Park, Florida
United States
Lissa is always willing to explain complex procedures or disease processes.

Lissa exemplifies exactly what it means to be a caring and compassionate nurse every day, with every patient. She consistently provides the best possible clinical care while balancing compassion for her patients. She is very talented clinically and understands complex medical problems but, more importantly, she takes the time to explain diagnoses, treatment plans and interventions to her patients and their families until all of their questions are answered. Lissa also acts as a preceptor to graduate nurses and students and serves as a resource to our entire staff. She takes the time to answer questions and provide further explanation whenever she is asked for her assistance. She is always willing to explain complex procedures or disease processes, especially ones that may not come around very often.

Lissa's compassionate behaviors extend far beyond the ordinary. She has often taken the time to tenderly bathe and wash the hair of her patients, going so far as to style their hair just so that they can feel refreshed and beautiful.  She has even taken home clothing for a patient and laundered them when they had no one to assist them in this way. She is known as the nurse with the fanny pack of supplies so she is always prepared for any need but she also keeps her locker stocked with items for her patients. Her patients' rooms are always immaculate and their linens are changed every shift in order that they may feel cared for and clean.

Lissa is known throughout the hospital for her knowledge and skill and also as a role model for other nurses. We are very blessed to have Lissa as a member of our SCU family.