Lisa Taliani
March 2018
Behavioral Health-Comprehensive Recovery Services Unit
Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
United States




Lisa Taliani is one of the most compassionate nurses and individuals I have met. She works with a challenging population and she is able to roll with the punches.  She treats all patients as if they are one of her own family members.  She treats them with dignity and respect.  Lisa provides education to both patients and family members in terms that they understand. Family members feel at ease with their patients in her care.  She is a strong patient advocate and wants what is best for her patients. She builds rapport easily with patients and many times patients remember her from years ago. Lisa includes patients in their plan of treatment which helps to improve compliance.  Having compassion is not something that is taught in nursing school, it is something that comes from within and Lisa is a perfect example of compassionate care.


Lisa is an asset to any shift. She always ensures high standards and demonstrates calm in the busiest of times. She makes the time and has the skills and patience to talk in depth to distressed individuals on the unit, seeking not only to alleviate but to understand their distress. In my role as program director, I greatly appreciate her desire to understand patients, to develop a fuller picture of what’s going on when the answer isn’t clear, for example by reading through past records or discussing psychological/behavioral perspectives. Lisa is a highly skilled and conscientious member of the 9th floor team, who cares deeply about her work.