Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter, RN

Outpatient Services
Manatee Memorial Hospital
Bradenton, Florida
United States

Lisa Carter truly is an angel from God. I received awesome nursing care from so many nurses but she was the one that stuck out above all the wonderful nursing care I received. This was my third surgery in ten months and needless to say my nerves were getting the best of me with the anticipation of this final surgery. Lisa was amazing, she was positive, she kept making suggestion on various options we could try to reduce the level of pain. She never accepted this was the way it had to be. She was very kind and patient and kept exploring options until my physician made the determination that I needed to be admitted. We ran into multiple complications with this "normal procedure" and I ended up spending seven days in your hospital. Lisa did everything within her power to try and reduce my pain, keeping me and my family informed. As things turned out a nerve was hit during the procedure along with a muscle being torn which explains the excruciating pain I was in. Even when I could no longer stand the stabbing, burning pain, hole in my side. Lisa could tell that my family was getting on my last nerve telling me to breath, she deflected the situation and made it much more tolerable. I have received care from many nurses through the years but Lisa is by far the most patient, kind, concerned nurse who as ever cared for me. We are truly lucky to have a nurse of such caring and compassion and I was blessed that she was my nurse.