Linda Goodwin

Linda Goodwin, RN

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire
United States

Linda Goodwin is a wonderful ambassador of the ICU and exemplifies caring in all that she does for her patients. She has been known to advocate for her patients requiring enhanced pain control when she recognizes their discomfort. She cared for a dying oncology patient suffering with pain that was not controlled with the medication regime that had been ordered for this patient. She maxed out on all the medications that were ordered, and then kept after the physicians until they ordered the medications that would provide comfort to this patient. She also cared for a critically ill patient before the Christmas holidays that was a single parent of two young children. She collected items from the staff that could be given to this family to make their holidays a little more cheerful. A demonstration of the giving spirit of Christmas, Linda has the ability to recognize the subtle needs of patients that can often be overlooked by others. Identifying that patients and/or their families can be anxious upon transfer from the ICU to a med/surg bed, she created a “Congratulations” on graduating from ICU card. This card highlights what the patient can expect upon their arrival to their new destination. Key points outlined on this card include how to reach your nurse, communication tools like the white boards in the rooms, and the availability and instructions to initiate a Condition H if they should feel something is wrong and want to get back in touch with an ICU RN. This card has helped tremendously in relieving the anxiety in a number of patients and their families and is distributed to patients by all of the ICU staff. Linda Goodwin is all about customer service and goes the extra in taking care of her patients and meeting their needs. She never brings attention to herself or of the things that she does.