Lesley Adelman-Migliaccio

Lesley Adelman-Migliaccio

Lesley Adelman-Migliaccio, RN, BSN

Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Lesley humbly says, "I feel so honored to receive this award. I don't do anything different than anyone else. I have a work ethic, I'm caring and I have no other purpose to be here other than to serve my patients."

When Lesley was younger, she was widowed and left to care for her 2 young sons. Her job in Maternity provided the camaraderie and support she needed of a 2nd family.

"Everybody at Maimonides is my second family" she says. "I do a lot of teaching here, especially Breastfeeding as well as teach the fathers. I make them feel at ease when they are actually very nervous and full of anxiety."