December 2017
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Young, beautiful, charming caring, hospitable, sweet, loving, generous, hardworking, mindful, patient, kind, professional and all the words in the dictionary could still not suffice who she is. I was there the first day my husband, got Leora as a nurse. They were doing bedside reports with shift change as she looks to us and introduces herself to us with her beautiful, warm smile. She radiated light and my husband, and I looked at each other as I whispered to him, "she looks like a good nurse". My husband nodded in agreement. I was not wrong. She was on top of it all! And that's what I loved about her. She had another patient, yet J was still a priority for her. Whenever J would be in pain, she would rush in with a sympathetic look on her face. She didn't worry, she didn't fret. Her face would grow to determined, as she would rush off to page the doctor for a break-through pain med and even my husband, who didn't like to bother the nurses, would say, "it's okay, take care of the other patient". She would say, "No! You are in pain. It is not okay!" My husband would look at me with a peaceful smile on his face.
What truly did it for me was when my husband was moved from Leora's unit to another unit and she decided to pay my husband a visit. Not only was he so happy to see her, she also made him cry. She and him (as he tells me) talked and she recalled how one of our boys left a toy car with my husband and how during our usual "FaceTime," video calls he was sad that he didn't have his car with him. Loera went out of her way beyond her job title, as it was no longer in my husband's car, nor floor, so she decided to buy two Hot Wheel cars (one for each boy of ours). My husband told me this with tears in his eyes.
People have walked in and out of his life being in the hospital for over a half a year now, and still going, has definitely made him vulnerable and humble with the people who truly care for him. The people who truly support and have decided to stand by his side in thick and thin. Loera decided to share her light to shine someone else's which rippled effected onto me, my two boys and our lives. Thank you, Leora. You are amazing!