Leodivica Galeon

Leodivica Galeon, RN

Acute Rehab
Swedish Medical Center - Cherry Hill
Seattle, Washington
United States

Nurses are angels that roam the halls and rooms in many hospitals on earth. They are the most caring and compassionate individuals. Ludi was the angel who looked after me during my stay there. She was always on time with my meds, she was always encouraging me with her kind words. She was gentle with me when helping me with my toileting actives and always willing to empty my bladder with a straight catheter if I was not able to do it all by my will.

Ludi was most very helpful during my discharge; calling other pharmacies to find my meds, providing detailed instructions for my husband who would be my primary caregiver at home. Ludi exemplifies the necessary qualities of an excellent nurse. I am so thankful for the quality of work and care I was offered to be provided in Swedish Hospital in Cherry Hill campus – and Ludi was my angel to the end.