Lena Bonadonna
March 2016
Emergency Department
St. Joseph's Medical Center, Stockton
United States




I found myself in the St. Joseph’s Dignity Health Emergency Room, in intense pain and very frightened.  I was blessed with Lena, the ER RN.  Even under the most stress an Emergency Room RN has to deal with, Lena very promptly took the absolute best care of me. She tracked and followed-up on the support I required from other ER professionals to make sure the tests and medicine were being administered as needed. She babysat me through the IV process, which usually panics me into hyperventilation. I got through that procedure calmly all because of Lena’s expertise and human kindness. She even offered me a cold washcloth for my head, which in my ER situation helped me beyond belief to get through the couple-hour stay.  There are not words that can adequately praise Lena.  We, the Stockton residents who find themselves in the St. Joseph’s Dignity Health ER, are lucky Lena chose to share her gift here.  Many thanks to Lena, the Emergency Room RN!


Lena was very nice, prompt, and attentive. Despite being very busy, she dealt with all of my questions, and everyone else’s, and all with a happy smile and a calm, soft, soothing voice.