Leigh Kloss
August 2015
Heart and Vascular Clinic
University of Virginia
United States




I have had the absolute honor to work with Leigh Kloss, RN over the past 5+ years in the cardiology hypertension and hyperlipidemia clinic. Leigh embodies ALL of the principles of the DAISY award to the highest degree. She delivers very high quality nursing care at all times. She knows her patients so well that she is able to identify small, but clinically important, changes in the patient's condition that others would probably not recognize which ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes. She shows interest in every single patient as a person, not as a medical condition, including their family interactions, stressors, challenges, and personal interests which all play very important, but often overlooked, parts in the patient's ability and willingness to make meaningful lifestyle changes to improve their health. She spends a significant amount of time on the phone helping patients with their medical concerns and questions, helping them be able to adhere to their medical regimen when costs are high (finding discount cards, discount drug programs, or getting the LIP involved to change medications to more affordable regimens), or just taking the time to listen when that is what the patient really needs.

Her care goes above and beyond with each patient interaction, and her patients LOVE her (and ask about her when she is off). She is a very experienced and knowledgeable nurse who is one of the only RNs in our office to do saline suppression tests and pulse wave analyses. She is truly an expert in her field. Leigh is always professional, dependable, and a real team player, and her colleagues benefit from her as much as her patients do. I am so proud to be able to nominate Leigh Kloss for the Daisy Award.