Laurie Haley

Laurie Haley, RN, CCRN

Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Laurie Haley definitely displays a “being with” nursing philosophy rather than a “doing to” mentally.
While caring for an end stage liver patient, Laurie developed a strong relationship with the patient's wife (the patient was intubated and sedated). One morning Laurie walked into the patient’s room to find the wife sitting on the floor crying. Laurie did not hesitate to sit on the floor with the wife and allow the wife to share her concerns, fears, and even doubts regarding the desires of her husband regarding continuing care. As an expert nurse Laurie is well versed in planning and implementing individual based care. Therefore, Laurie assisted the wife in calling the patient’s family and friends as well as the Chaplin in order to discuss what the patient’s wishes were. Laurie was able to facilitate with the patient’s loved ones as well as the physicians in stopping any further heroic measures in keeping the patient alive via machines.
The patient’s wife was very thankful for Laurie’s advocacy in helping her through a difficult decision-making process and promoting a “peaceful” death for her husband.