Laurice Alford

Laurice Alford

Laurice Alford, RN

Med Surg
Methodist Medical Center
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
United States
Laurice modeled every standard a nurse should have.

It couldn't be any more perfect timing to recognize our first 2020 DAISY recipient than during National Nurses Week – and just one day after the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale. In fact, in her honor, the World Health Organization has named 2020 the "Year of the Nurse." It is my distinct pleasure to mark today's occasion by naming Laurice Alford our newest DAISY Honoree:

"Laurice modeled every standard a nurse should have. She was always cheerful, caring, compassionate, and encouraging. I'm an RN myself and I trusted Laurice to take care of my mother. I felt safe with Laurice as her nurse."

"She encouraged and praised my mom ...."

"She offered education for every medication ...."

"She asked if there was anything we needed communicated to the doctor..."

"She asked my mom what they needed to work on together ...."

"She kept every promise ...."

As Methodist's Chief Nursing Officer, it is incredibly rewarding to hear those types of comments and experiences. It's what we want to provide to everyone who comes here, and we are so incredibly fortunate to have an outstanding nurse such as Laurice on our team. Thank you for the inspiring difference you make every day!

Congratulations, Laurice!