Lauren Yamamoto
May 2022
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Lauren has told me that she has a passion for every person to fulfill their utmost potential and more.
I am so honored to write about Lauren. She is a very important role model in my life. She was a bedside nurse, resource nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, and now a clinical nurse manager in the unit. She once shared with me that what she believes to be most important to staff is scheduling. She is meticulous in making sure it is fair, and that rotations work for the unit and person. She has set hours and days so we know when she is available at work. For Holiday and vacation schedules, she looks at seniority and what holiday they worked prior. She is fair. No favorites. I like that in her. Lauren has told me that she has a passion for every person to fulfill their utmost potential and more. After speaking with someone who wants to/is ready to advance to resource or Charge, she develops a specific personalized, structured plan. She ensures they know the expectations, and have the skills and feedback they need, working through each step before moving on to the next phase. She wants us all to be the very best we can be. Whether through the difficult process of coming up with a plan for weekend sick calls and floating or getting everyone on board about how to add a shift, Lauren listens and encourages conversation from everyone. I call her and can vent. Her door is always open and she listens. She knows how important my teen children are to me and she listens while I rave about them. She is non-judgemental and acknowledges staff. Every time I see her she thanks me for what I bring to the unit. She sends email replies to thank me. I feel supported. She is a trainer – she has trained other CNMs. She trains about operations, the schedule, how to do payroll, how to handle difficult families or frustrated patients. Lauren is extraordinary. I look up to her. I trust her. I am happy to be on her team. She is part of why I love coming to work. I feel very, very appreciated and important. UCLA is lucky to have her. I hope you all get a chance to meet her. She will blow you away with who she is.