Lauren Castro
November 2020
8A Acute Care Oncology
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan




Lauren ordered Jimmy John's for him, knowing that he would miss lunch while away from his room to visit my dad.
Lauren has received 7 Daisy nominations describing her extraordinary care! Here is one of the letters from a thankful family member:
Not only during my father's stay on 8A was Lauren an outstanding nurse, but she extended her commitment to her patients well beyond her duty as a nurse. During my dad's stay on the inpatient wing, he found a friend in his nurse, Lauren. She humbly went out of her way to show continuous compassion and care for him during his stay. She was also very accommodating to the rotation of children and grandchild visiting during his stay.
Lauren always made it seem as though my dad was her most important patient, never seeming rushed, always taking the time to get to know him and joke with him, though we knew she had others to care for. She jumped to meet his every need and request without hesitation. When it became apparent that it was time to discuss the end of life care, Lauren was so helpful in facilitating what needed to be done. She sat bedside with my father and held back tears as she explained options available to him. He told her he was so lucky to have met one more friend before his time was up.
Lauren not only provided exemplary care to my father but went above and beyond to foster a friendship between him and his roommate. While staying, my father became well acquainted with his roommate. While only staying together for about a week, the two bonded over similarities from their life and the current status of their medical woes. Prior to transferring, my father wrote down his roommate's name and phone number, assuming this would be their last face to face interaction.
Once my father transferred to the Palliative Care Unit, his roommate requested to come to visit my father to check on him and see how he was doing. Lauren went well out of her way to facilitate this opportunity on more than one occasion. The first time, she not only brought my dad's roommate halfway across the hospital, but she ordered Jimmy John's for him, knowing that he would miss lunch while away from his room to visit my dad. She was there during a very trying time for my father, and my family, but made us all feel how much she cared.
Lauren exemplifies the kind of person that goes into a profession to make a difference and proved that it's not just a job. It's not often that people find new friendships in their final days, but thanks to Lauren, my dad was able to make two new friends!