Laura Burnham

Laura Burnham, RN

Raymond G. Murphy VA
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States
Laura always puts the patients first.

This is a nearly impossible task since all the staff on 3A have been outstanding. However, one nurse has been closely focused on my care during a very difficult hospitalization, Laura Burnham. Everything she did was advocating for me and at the same time met the concerns of my wife. Outstanding!


Laura always puts the patients first. The second she feels something is wrong she gets in touch with the providers. Recently she felt a patient was decompensating and needed a higher level of care. She contacted the provider, updated them, and ensured that the patient got the care he deserved. She is always respectful and shows excellence in her patient care. When she has one of my patients, I know they will be cared for wonderfully.


I could see the dedication Laura had while taking care of me while I was a patient. She went out of her way to make sure I was cared for and fine.

Integrity: Laura is friendly and follows through with all requests and always has a pleasant attitude.

Advocacy: When I was in pain, Laura made sure I got what I needed to help the hurt.

Excellence: Laura is exceptional with patient care, She is friendly and goes above and beyond without giving false hope. She is knowledgeable and answers questions with a great attitude. Laura took really good care of me and should win this award.